Lab Personnel

Dr Raceline GOUNOUE, PhD in Parasitology

Dr Marc KOUAM, PhD in parasitology

Mr. Hugues Clotaire NANA DJEUNGA, DEA and PhD student in Parasitology

Mr. Jean Gabin BOPDA, Bachelor of Technology in Medical Laboratory

Mr. Steve MBICKMEN TCHANA, Medical laboratory Technician

The laboratory is made up of five units. All analyses are carried out in the best possible conditions with respect of quality assurance norm; good laboratory practices are based on the guide for the good execution of medical biology analyses (GBEA).

Parasitology unit

Equipments: Microscopes, centrifuges …

Activities: Receipt and processing of all biological samples entering into the laboratory; blood collection, microscopic examination.

Parasitological diagnosis: calibrated thick blood film for microfilariae screening in the blood; thick and thin blood smears for Plasmodium; KOAP for the screening of cyst, eggs, amoeba and parasites.

Immunology unit

Equipments: ELISA chain

Activities: Serologic diagnostic (search for Antigens, antibodies, etc.….)

Biochemistry Equipment

Equipments: spectrophotometer for biochemistry (Reflotron), urinary spectrophotometer, vortex, water bath, PH meter.

Activities : Biochemical diagnostic (Transaminase, Urea, créatinin, blood sugar level on an empty stomach, hemoglobin,  proteins, etc…)

Molecular biology Unit

Equipments: Thermocycler, electrophoresis (migration tank, generator, micro-centrifuge, transilluminator, vortex.


  • Study of the transmission of filariasis by identifying parasite in the vector;
  • Elaboration of diagnostic test ;
  • Molecular diagnostic ;
  • Genetic characterization of vectors and parasites responsible for filariasis.

Samples conservation unit

Equipments: one hall for the conservation of samples with two -80°C  freezers; and one -20°C freezer for the conservation of different pathologic product and some reagents; a fridge for the conservation of some reagents; a wardrobe and shelves for samples already processed and requiring conservation at room temperature.